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At the core of our humanity is our ability to connect and our need for human interaction and connection. We can continue to build and grow our networks of interesting and generous people, even when we are forcibly isolated.


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We've decided we're not going to let anything get us down.

We all have so much to contribute | We love making human connections and contributing to our friends, neighbors and clients | Just because we’re self isolating, doesn’t mean that our social and business life needs to stop | Quite the contrary | We’re going to connect even more during this “isolation”

Your Hosts: Anric & Lauralouise Blatt

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Friends and Clients Say.

"I met Anric through Opalesque, the world's leading professional hedge fund news platform. We entered into what was supposed to be a 40 min coaching call but ended up going well over. We spoke about Reasons Why Funds fail and the Pitfalls of Emerging Managers. The crux I got from the presentation was invaluable. It is something that I was on the fence of as it is not common in the fund industry. Anric is a visionary. He will help bring your vision into fruition. What strikes me most about Anric is the amount of value he is able to add in such a short space of time. I can already see a huge mistake in my capital raising process watching this video!"
Miltiades Caldis Hedge Fund Manager
"I have known Anric Blatt since the late 1990s as an astute investor, creative entrepreneur, thought leader, advisor and friend with unimpeachable integrity, credentials and accomplishments. I would eagerly back Anric in his endeavors.."
John Michael Pagli, Jr. Alternative Investment Strategic Business Development
"I have known Anric since 2003, and have admired his drive, strategic thinking, leadership qualities, generosity, and professionalism. Anric's vision and global rolodex assists him to add value to ventures, whether it's his independent Directorships, or starting and growing a business into a multi billion dollar asset management business. From a personal perspective, Anric fosters business and personal relationships with C suite executives, and makes time to mentor others providing feedback, advice, and guidance. I feel fortunate to have developed a life long friend of Anric's caliber, and endorse him enthusiastically."
Michael Glaubman: CEO Mondiale Securities LLC, Hedge Fund and Private Equity Consultant

Lessons and Tactics From Your Hosts